Company Overview:

Visual MED, Inc. has been writing software applications for the private practice medical imaging professional for over fourteen (14) years. 
Our primary focus when writing our software applications is to enhance and expand  the services, cut and control the costs and increasing growth and revenue opportunities for our private practice physician. 
 All of our software applications are developed based on the needs and direct input of the end users.
One of the key attributes and success in the software we write comes from customers with experience in using medical software.  They tell us, “What ever you write for the physician, make sure that it does not inhibit work flow”.
We understand that demand and build all of our application with that in mind, coupled with the use of industry standard technology to ensure reliability and reduce costs.
We appreciate you taking time to review our products and company, and we look forward to the opportunity to be of service in support of your practice objectives.

Mission Statement:


Visual MED delivers technology relevant products that support the objectives of our private practice medical imaging customer that enhance services, reduce costs and increase opportunities to grow their practices, without inhibiting work flow.

We deliver product that provides the best quality and reliability at a value point that is in line with our customer's values and philosophy.


“To enhance the productivity and profitability of the private practice medical imaging professional’s EMR, using customer defined, industry standard, common sense hardware and software technology.”



The four words that assure success are, 
"Make and keep promises".
To ourselves and others.


There is joy in work and service.  Real  happiness only comes in the realization that we have accomplished something or help someone else accomplish something.


Produce and deliver the most and best product that we can for the money.


Understand, appreciate and express the aspect of the work environment to transmit happiness in the daily tasks.

Contact Information:

Visual MED, Inc.

11110 Westlake Dr. 

Charlotte, NC.  28273

(800) 324-4464

(704) 522-8094

Fax:  (800) 522-8098